DoodleToo Beta was what DoodleToo was before launching. As the name implies, it was during this time when the game was being tested.

A demo existed for the game during 2006, until the beta happened in 2009 ending a year later during an unknown time. The main website prompted users to try out the beta redirecting them to the beta website.

Unavailable FeaturesEdit

Many features that are currently in the game did not exist until added in beta. Below is a list of what was not in the demo of the game:

  • Tools
  • Snap It
  • Say It
  • Share this room
  • Users
  • My Doodletoo
  • Register, Login & Forgotten Password


  • During beta, Photo had completely different pictures. It is unknown when the pictures were updated.
  • In the early version of Snap It, DoodleToo's logo would be present in the bottom left corner.
  • Share this room was previously named "Embed" in a smaller button.
  • DoodleToo's beta site still exists, however it uses the most current version of the game.